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ibiza24-7Ibiza’s out reach to the club scene.

24/7 Prayer in Ibiza, is a voluntary Christian organization based in San Antonio in Ibiza. We are here to care for the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the community in which we live.  We exist and function relationally, a community built on and in pursuit of Prayer, Mission and Justice.

Here is a great video from the work being done in San Antonio, Ibiza.  The season is over for this year but our prayer is that the seeds that were planted will continue to be watered and brought to fruition.  It’s great to see ministry being done that understands the importance of prayer as a foundation to what they are doing, and what the Lord will do through them in Ibiza.  It also encourages us to see individuals ministering to the EDM scene which seems to be neglected for how impactful the scene is through out the world today.

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